Louisa Mattson



Greensboro, VT

[email protected]

I was first drawn to pastels because of their vibrant colors. Whenever I look at my box of pastels, I just want to inhale all the beautiful colors (in reality, not a good idea!). Pastel colors can be so vibrant because there is very little binder holding the pigment together. I love how pastels are the most direct painting medium to work with, because you get to hold the sticks of pigment right in your fingers. Finally, I love that pastels are very forgiving: You can put on many layers and change any mark that doesn’t feel right.

My favorite scenes to paint are those I myself want to step into and experience again and again. I especially love capturing the play of light and showing the beauty of ordinary things.

As a longtime summer resident of Greensboro, I look forward to painting many more scenes of this special locale.

When not doing art, I work as a psychologist in a career management consulting company in Boston, and as an energy medicine practitioner in private practice in Concord, MA.