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Lulu Wootton

Painting and Woodblock printing

PO Box 92

1324 Townline Rd

Craftsbury Common, VT802-586=7772

[email protected]

I began painting through a fascination with color and became a print-maker because of its complexity. The two mediums overlap and interweave. Sometimes I print and paint in one piece. They speak different languages, but like music, more than one voice can sing meaningfully at one time.

I believe not all thoughts are based in language, or even all images in vision. In my works, both prints and paintings (rather than adhering to the strict boundaries of pre-existing image, such as a photo) I seek experimentation. But, I also continually study and apply the fascinating and ruling principals of art’s execution.

I often begin my paintings with a researched composition and plan, and then allow it to be lead into unexpected and somewhat sub-conscious occurrences on the canvas. Objects appear and I choose to use them or not. Beauty is of deep importance to me – and I will choose the beauty of the paint or ink’s relationships over a clear objective image.

Saturated color has attracts me. While studying in New Mexico, the land of enchanted light, I focused on and allowed saturation to define my style. That is evolving, but in paintings I usually work first with color relationships rather than line and form. With prints I work with space and line and form, then color, or not.

My compositions lean towards figures and forms. Somewhat allegorical, my statements allow viewers to recognize images, perhaps themselves, in unexpected moods of somberness or humor.

I am an emerging artist, as they say. It is a process I hope never to turn my back on.