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Chris Jacobs


144 Pitkin Rd

Craftsbury Common, VT 05827


[email protected]

These frames are made by slab sawing dead or dying trees whose outer shapes [tree trunks] "speak" to the artist.

After the trees are slab sawn, certain pieces of wood are selected for making the frames. With luck, there may be enough material to make two frames out of a tree, rejecting over 90% of the tree [firewood]. The pieces are dried, planed, matched and mitered [these last two steps could take a day just to make one mirror]. Then frames are made and "finished", and the mirror is mounted.

These frames have been used for paintings and photographs but great care must be used in doing this as they do tend to compete with mounted works.

The artist has been working with wood for almost 50 years—every-thing from 6000 square foot houses to 350 square foot houses [after two years studying architecture], to furniture, and more recently these mirrors. He has lived in Albany, Vermont [where he is Selectman] the last 25 years after moving here from N.Z. He is also on the Board of the Northern Rivers Land Trust.