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Elinor Osborn

Osborn Photo Gallery

Craftsbury VT


Photography enables me to see details of nature which remain hidden from casual observation. There are so many exciting aspects of plants, animals, weather phenomena etc. to find and learn about, that I enjoy being outdoors more than anything else, especially here in Vermont.

My photography includes a variety of outdoor subjects, including natural history, scenics and outdoor sports—cross country skiing and sled dogs. Documenting scientists’ work has been fascinating too.

Using a digital camera and computer I enjoy creating both traditional photo prints and creative ""Art Image"" prints. All are giclée (inkjet) prints that I bring to life on glossy, fine art, or metallic papers.

Project UltraSwan, (a children’s book published by Houghton Mifflin), which I wrote and photographed, tells the story of the trumpeter swan migration project following ultralight aircraft.

Several galleries have displayed my work in one person shows.